Get Your Site Indexed in Google Within
48 Hours Or Your Money Back...

- John Elder
CEO Market-Tek Enterprises, Inc

If you own many websites, or even just one, then you know how hard is to get a site listed at Google quickly. Sure, it'll happen eventually if you just wait for Google to get around to it...but if you're looking to speed up the process, keep reading...

You Don't Have To Wait 2-6 Weeks
To Get Your Site Indexed Anymore...

Time is money, especially when it comes to the Internet. Things move so fast that if you aren't on top of it, you'll get left behind. Most new website owners rely on getting their sites listed at Google to drive most of the initial traffic to their site. The quicker you get listed, the quicker that traffic can start to roll in.

The problem is that Google can take their sweet time indexing new sites. Luckily, we've developed software that takes care of that problem, and we back it up with a 48 hour money back guarantee.

So How Does The Software Work?

It's pretty simple. If you tell Google that you've got a new site, they'll put it in the queue and get around to indexing you sometime within the next month or so. But if Google starts seeing your site listed all over the Internet on other websites, it'll follow those links and index you automatically.

Why? Because once the Google "bot" starts seeing your site listed all over the place, it'll think to itself "whoa, this site's getting a lot of buzz and we don't have it in our index! We don't want to get left behind - so I better index it right away!"

Our software simply submits your site to between 30-100 websites that Google crawls all the time. Within minutes the wheels start turning, and that's all there is to it. I wish it was more complicated, but it really is that easy!

But Couldn't You Just Do That Manually Yourself?

Sure, I suppose if you had a few days to look around for high traffic web sites that accept links and then manually submitted your site to each of them, you could do that. But it's a real pain to find those sites - go to them - find the link submission area, fill out the form, and then start all over again looking for the next one...isn't it worth it to pay a few bucks to automate that whole process? Thousands of people think so...(read testimonials)

How Much Is This Software?

We've priced the Submission-Spider Quick Index Submitter at $99 BUT if you "like us" on Facebook, I'll knock off $70 bucks and you pay just...


To Get The Discount, Just click the Like button (it's an "honor system" sort of thing!). You may have to click the "verification" link and enter a captcha too.

But hurry, I don't know how long that offer will last...after enough people "like us" - so that we have a decent Facebook following - I'm going to take the offer down and the price will go back up to normal.

Money Back Guarantee

My guarantee is easy. Buy the software, fire it up, and submit your site. If your site isn't indexed in Google within 48 hours, let me know and I'll refund your full purchase price. There's nothing for you to send in, you don't even have to delete the software. If it doesn't work, you don't pay. Period.

PS...I almost forgot! You can use the software to submit as many sites as you like, all at no additional cost. It's perfect if you build lots of sites for yourself or even clients. Heck, you can even use it and charge other people to submit their sites if you like!

PPS...Don't forget my iron-clad Money Back Guarantee. If your site isn't indexed in 48 hours, just come back to the site, click on the contact us link above, let me know, and I'll refund your money right away.

To Get The Discount, Just click the Like button (it's an "honor system" sort of thing!). You may have to click the "verification" link and enter a captcha too.

"Hi, just got your program. It's great!"
- Marty Topping volitioninteractive.com

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YES, YES, YES. Man this is GREAT! ...It works like a charm...man this thing is totally cool...
-Richard Horridge
Gruene Cliff Bed and Breakfast

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I do web design here in houston, texas and I want to start offering submissions for myself. I would always outsource it to other companies. I like the Submission-Spider and it is very functional and easy to use....
-Jesse Deleon

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